Cuban deputies reaffirm solidarity and support for Venezuela

On the third day of meetings by the National Assembly of People’s Power work commissions, deputies reaffirmed their support and solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, and the Venezuelan people and government, led by Nicolás Maduro as the country faces increasing aggression by radical right wing sectors from in and outside the nation.

After speaking with members of the International Relations Committee at the Havana Conference Center, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Zamora, stated that the island’s government and people will carry on supporting the Bolivarian Revolution, which continues to “stand firm.”

Carlos Zamora also noted that the statement regarding the situation in Venezuela presented during a National Assembly extraordinary session in June, reflected the feelings of the Cuban people.

“There is a culture of solidarity with the Bolivarian process and revolution. I believe that in their statement, parliamentarians captured the feelings of the
(Cuban) people,” he noted.

Meanwhile, deputies also discussed the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the correlation of forces in the hemisphere and the situation facing progressive governments of the region, noted the official.

Zamora, recalled the positive state of relations between Cuba and regional countries, highlighting some of the problems facing many of these nations with which Cuban deputies are actively working.

Cubadebate, Granma

July 12, 2017

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