Cuban Cyclist Marlies Mejias Wins 2nd in USA North Star Grand Prix

Minneapolis, US, Jun 19.- Cuban cylist Marlies Mejias, competing for professional club Shimano Ladies Power Team, won the 5th stage, and with that, the second place in the general classification list of the North Star Grand Prix in Minneapolis, US.

In the last stage, Mejias won for a 2nd consecutive day, this time at 14 laps in a circuit of 2.3 kilometers.

Mejias, 24 years old, winner of the intermediate sprints, commented to Cuban sport website JIT that the race had been quite hard, with ascents of even 700 meters over sea level.

Mejias was also the winner of two second places in Minneapolis.

The competition took Emma White, of Rally Cycling Women, as the champion who although she could not win over Mejias in the sprint, retained the leader’s T-shirt on having crossed the finish line with the same time.

Before this Grand Prix, Mejías stood out in two previous ones that granted points for the world ránking of the International Cycle Union (ICU).

Mejias, the seventh place in the test of ómnium of the Olympic Games of Rio in 2016, made a debut in the middle of May successfully in the Wilmington of Delaware on a 40 kilometer trajectory.

Also in Arlington (Texas) she won the first stage, and was fourth in the following one to conquer the award.

The team Shimano will move by highway to Milwaukee, the biggest city of the state of Wisconsin, to the north of Chicago and close to the Lake Michigan, to cover in three days the Tour de Daryland, a draft of five stages, all in circuits and punctuable for the ICU. (Prensa Latina)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, June 19, 2017

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