Cuban Cycling Squad ranks Fifth in Tour to Costa Rica

alcolea[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 23 (acn) The Cuban road cycling team appears fifth in the ninth stage of the 50th edition of the Tour of Costa Rica with time of 79: 10.26 hours.The competition is led by the local squad Junta de Protección Social-Giant (77:49.44), according to the official website of the contest.

This ninth stage of 126.8 kilometers between the towns of San José and Perez Zeledon, will have an intermediate sprint and three mountain prizes.

The Cuban cyclist so far is José Mojica, 15 th seat in the standings, which is led the host Juan Carlos Rojas (25: 45.15 hours), followed by his brother César (+8: 42 minutes) and his compatriot Josue Gonzalez (+9: 45), in that order.

The rest of the Cuban team includes Arnold Alcolea, who appears 21st, Yasmani Martinez (39), Yennier López (52), Pedro Portuondo (53), Agustín Martínez (55) and Yasmany Balmaseda (62).

Alcolea, Cuba’s best road cyclist, commands the intermediate sprints with 36 units, consecutively escorted by Chilean Pedro Palma ( 22) and Argentine Ariel Sivori (13).

He is also second in the points race, tied with 76 points with the local Roman Villalobos, list headed by Juan Carlos Rojas (86).

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