Cuban customs clarifies that no changes to current regulations have been made

Photo: AGR

The Customs General of the Republic reiterates that no modifications have been made to regulations governing customs policies affecting travelers or their belongings

Despite erroneous and malicious news items which have been disseminated in various foreign media and circulated on social networks for several days now, indicating that new regulations will be put into effect on customs handling of travelers and their belongings – some even featuring false documents – the General Customs of the Republic (AGR) reports that regulations have not been modified and no intention of doing so exists.

According to a note published on the AGR website, it was confirmed that, as has been the case and is customary, Customs will always announce any modifications to be made well beforehand, using all means possible.

“Our web page is the official site providing information on current regulations and procedures, and those not published here, that may circulate via any other media, lack validity. We therefore suggest that information needed regarding customs policies always be sought here, and that information provided to confuse. and create uncertainty among those traveling to and from Cuba, not be repeated.”

See note from General Customs of the Republic:

National news staff, Granma

August 25, 2017

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