Cuban Culture Festival Inaugurated in Minnesota

jornada-cultural-cubana-en-minnesota-580x433[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 7 (acn) The head of Cuba’s Interests Section in Washington, Jose Ramon Cabañas, inaugurated on Sunday evening a cultural festival dedicated to Cuba at the Ordway Theater of the capital of the state of Minnesota, Saint Paul.

Ambassador Cabañas, who visits this state following an invitation by the NGO Minnesota International Center, in an auditorium of over 2,000 people, delivered the opening speech, thanking organizers of the concert and Cuban soloist Ignacio Nachito Herrera for the opportunity to address the citizens of that city, the Cubadebate Web site reported.

The Cuban diplomat referred to the importance this type of joint effort has to contribute to a better knowledge of the two nations and bring about spaces leading to the normalization of bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States.

During the intermission, those present in the Festival could appreciate the work of the Hero of the Republic of Cuba Antonio Guerrero, of which water colors were on display, reflecting the initial moments of the unfair imprisonment of the five heroes and the fortitude with which they withstood 18 months in isolation cells known in U.S. federal prisons as “the hole.”

The visit of the Cuban ambassador and his accompanying group will end on October 8, after carrying out an intense program of meetings with important organizations, academic institutions and local personalities of that Midwest state of the U.S.A.

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