Cuban Culture Delights Corsicans

Paris, Feb 23 (Prensa Latina) Part of Cuba’s cultural riches have arrived in Corsica, the birthplace of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, delighting its residents.

Music, dance, movies, photos, lectures and art exhibits are included in a program running in this French island through March 15.

In the opening ceremony, Mayor of Ajaccio, Laurent Marcangeli, gave the medal of the capital city to Cuban Ambassador to France, Hector Igarza, who described this cultural exchange as an example of the friendship, solidarity and hospitality that characterize the peoples of the two islands.

Gilbert Brownstone, who leads the Brownstone Foundation that promotes this type of projects, said the idea of this exchange emerged three years ago, when the Napoleonic Museum of Cuba was reopened.

More than 250 contemporary works of art, many of them leaving the National Fine Arts Museum of Havana for the first time, are now being exhibited at Fesch Palace, in Ajaccio, according to a note from the Cuban Embassy in France.

They include remarkable works by Wifredo Lam, a well-known Cuban artist in France.

The photo exhibit includes works by renowned artists Raul Corrales and Alberto Korda.

The Mayor’s Office of Ajaccio, the Brownstone Foundation and the National Fine Arts Council of Cuba organized this event, being attended by President of the Cuban Fine Arts Council, Ruben del Valle.


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