Cuban Cooperation Workers in South Africa Condemn Presence of Mercenaries at Panama’s Forums

21763_10153307546601929_706008049602409251_n[1]Camagüey, April 10 – Camagüey-resident workers providing assistance in South Africa for the development of water resources in that nation, expressed their wholehearted support to the Cuban official delegation attending the fora running simultaneously with the Summit of the Americas in Panama city.

They also voiced their opposition to Obama’s executive order which labels Venezuela as a threat for the national security of the United States.Engineer Rebeca Fernández Enríquez told this reporter via the Internet that they and the specialists in this area hailing from other provinces of Cuba have joined the campaign in support to the Cuban delegation attending this important encounter.

She said to be sure that Cuba will come out stronger from these fora and the Summit itself, “because the delegates that are representing us there are carriers of the feeling and will of thousands of men and women of the land of Jose Marti and Fidel Castro who are working abroad for the development of peoples and nations that have been traditionally looted by transnational corporations.

She added that they also decried the presence in Panama of assassin Félix Rodríguez Mendigutía, who killed guerrilla Comandante Che Guevara in 1967. He now walks freely and defiantly across Latin America, and is escorted by a pack of mercenaries pretending to be the ¨civil society¨ of Cuba. On the contrary, they follow a road map drawn up by those who do not want understanding among peoples, and least of all between Cuba and the United States, for they have made of counterrevolution a very profitable business over the last few decades.

In addition, Fernández Enríquez expressed to be satisfied for she saw a very recent photo of a very vital Fidel Castro published on Radio Cadena Agramonte website.  Some days ago he even met this great friend of Cuba who is Brazilian theologian Frei Betto.

Other three Camaguey-resident specialists in the area of water resources development are working in South Africa; their names are Carlos Pérez de la Torre, Bárbaro Boy Vilen Sánchez and Luis Guillermo García Villanueva. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz/Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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