Cuban Children’s Company La Colmenita Will Perform in Toronto-2015

lacolmenitaHavana, May 28 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban children”s theater company La Colmenita act in Toronto over the next Pan American Games.

This company, global ambassador for UNICEF, will represent the work Falls, inspired by the eponymous poem by Cuban José María Heredia, as part of the cultural program of Toronto-2015.

Carlos Alberto Cremata, director of The Beehive, explained that the Canadian producer and prima ballerina Veronica Tennant Falls included in a show that will be at the appointment, said Granma newspaper.

Tennant also Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, said he knew of these young artists through the choreographer Lizt Alfonso, and then shot in the famous falls.

‘Now I am in charge of the cultural side program of the Games, I thought of developing a play that will pay homage to Heredia’, also said the theater director.

Falls, a Pan American history, will be released on July 23 in Toronto, and possibly next year will be presented in Cuba.

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