Cuban Centenarians Meet to Share Experiences

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 29 (acn) A group of people exceeding one hundred years will show today in this city their experiences of how prolonging life happily and in an active way during a forum sponsored by the Club of 120 years of the Caribbean Medical Association.

Representatives of this age group will provide singing and dancing demonstrations as part of the 12th International Seminar on Active and Satisfactory Longevity held at Havana Conventions Center in addition to swimming demonstrations at Palco Hotel’s swimming pool.

Scientists of this medicine branch will lecture on the importance of physical exercise on life quality of older adults, aging and environment and psychogerontology.

Dr. Lilian Rodriguez, professor at the Center for Research on Longevity, Ageing and Health (CITED by its Spanish acronym) will speak on the current state of Cuban centenarians, according to the latest study performed on the island; where there are over 1 500 people aged 100 or more.

With more than two million older adults, Cuba is among the most aged countries in the region, which means a commitment for the health system and other sectors, Dr. José Ramón Rodríguez, head of CITED external services, told ACN.

The institution, of national reference, is currently working on research on morbidity, falls, one of the major problems of those people, and other inquiries.

Parallel to the forum that concludes tomorrow with the participation of over 200 delegates from various countries, it also run s the 10th International Meeting of Centenarians, the 7th Nursing Encounter and the Symposium on Oral Health in Longevity.

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