Cuban cartoonists attending Convention in San Francisco

Cuba participated as guest at the annual convention of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, attended by Cuban artists, creators of the popular humorous section Dedeté in the Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

The event took place in San Francisco, Adan Iglesias Toledo (Adan), Alejandro Carlos Falco (Falco) and Humberto Lazaro Miranda (Laz) are the Cuban artists who attended the event started last Wednesday. The three Dedeté cartoonists were invited by Mark Fiore, president of the Association of Editorial Cartoonists United States of America (AAEC) to participate in his event.

Adam Iglesias, director of humorous supplement told that participation in the Convention will contribute to their professional development, as the American caricature school is very prestigious. “They have a very particular line that distinguishes them from the rest of the artists of the continent; not forget that it was in this country where the editorial cartoon appeared, “he said.

In San Francisco there are getting together about 100 editorial cartoonists from that country, including The New York Times reporters, Pulitzer Prizes and creators of animated series such as The Simpsons.

On the first day of the event, which coincided with the Festival of San Francisco Satire, Cubans were able to show the editorial work done in Juventud Rebelde. Briefly they toured the public through different times of Dedeté, since its founding February 25, 1969 to the present.

On the reaction of the audience after presenting the Cubans Lazaro Miranda (Laz) said: “It was very exciting to receive the applause of American editorial cartoonists and invited colleagues from Canada, the Philippines, Iran and Pakistan.”

Source: OnCuba

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