Cuban Buena Fe Joins Spanish Andres Suarez in Concert


Havana, Cuba, Apr 17.- The popular Cuban group Buena Fe joined for the second time on the island Galician singer Andrés Suárez in a concert included in the program of the 26th La Huella de España Festival, which takes place in Havana until next April 19.

The event took place yesterday night at Havana’s Mella Theater, where Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, members of Buena Fe, served as hosts to the Spanish musician, who thanked what he called generosity of friends for giving him the opportunity again to be known before the national audience.

It is my honor to be back here in this beautiful land and sharing the stage with such dear colleagues, Suarez told an audience that greeted him with applause and cheers.

I told you were already known around here, joked Israel, Buena Fe´s lead singer, who acknowledged that the pleasure was his.

La Huella de España Festival, born to promote Iberian roots present in Cuban identity and that this year is dedicated to Galicia started in Havana on April 12th.

The program of the event includes dance shows like that of Irene Rodriguez Company, the National Ballet of Cuba -organizer along with the Embassy of the European nation in the Island- and a concert by the bagpiper Cristina Pato in the theatre of the Cuban Arts Building at the Museum of Fine Arts.(ACN)

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