Cuban Break Dance Comes of Age, Hosting International Competition

Havana, Jun 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuba”s top break dancers are competing today in the Latin American final of the Red Bull BC One Cypher competition, the last competition before the world championship for this urban dance form. For the second consecutive year, Cuban “B-Boys” are showing off their acrobatic dance skills, which combine gymnastics with rhythm and street style.

In fact, last year’s champion will be part of the jury. Yosani Monzon, also known as Balto, only got as far as the first round of the regional competition in Bogota, Colombia.

Break dancing emerged in New York in the late ’70s and came to Cuba a few years later thanks to movies like “Breaking.”

As the years went by, groups as Anonimo Consejo, Triple A and Amenaza were created, and, although reggaeton has affected the gender, hip-hop remains strong.

The growing increase of break dancing is living proof, with the last stage of competition set for today in Havana, before the world final in Paris, where the 16 best B-Boys on the planet will converge.

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