Cuban Attorney General Peña Visits Venezuela to Strengthen Ties

Published 30 May 2024

Justice must go hand in hand with human rights, both in punitive and preventive actions, Peña and Saab pointed out.

On Thursday, the Attorneys General of Cuba and Venezuela highlighted the strong state of relations between their institutions and the programs they are implementing.

During her visit to the Bolivarian nation, Cuba’s Attorney General Yamila Peña held a meeting with her Venezuelan counterpart, Tarek William Saab, to review the progress on the commitments made in an agreement signed in 2018.

Earlier, Peña and Saab visited the National Pantheon to pay tribute to the father of the Venezuelan nation, the liberator Simon Bolivar. The Cuban official also visited Venezuela’s National School of Prosecutors.

At the meeting, Saab presented the features of the program called “The Public Ministry Goes to Your Community,” which takes place in the main squares of each Venezuelan state.

“When Saab was Ombudsman, he used to visit Havana frequently. Since then, there has been an exchange of experiences and insights about law,” the Cuban Attorney General recalled.

“As leaders of processes with high responsibility and complexity, we hope this will yield results in our daily work as there are many common points,” she said, emphasizing that the Socialist state is what ensures social justice.

“At the Cuban Attorney General’s office, it is our duty to address problems and evaluate solutions. We are responsible for overseeing criminal investigations and the exercise of criminal prosecution. For us, interaction with citizens and the protection of all sectors of society is very important,” Peña stressed.

The attorneys general of both countries agreed that justice must go hand in hand with human rights, both in punitive and preventive actions.

by teleSUR/ JF

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