Cuban artists express message for 65th anniversary of Revolution

Havana, Jan 2 (Prensa Latina) Culture will continue to be the driving force to defend the ideals of our nation, Cuban artists said in salute to the 65th anniversary of the Revolution triumph.

The statement was read by Leiván García, director of the National Folkloric Ensemble in front of the Maine Monument in Havana and points out that “in this new year we will continue betting on unity, solidarity, peace in Cuba and the rest of the world”.

Our identity is like a river of ever-renewed waters, which in the end flows into the ocean of humanity.

He went on saying that “ahead of aggressions, we will support the efforts of our revolutionary government and institutions to solve daily complex and difficult problems.

Young artists´ commitment will be to contribute to the Cuban people. Culture in Cuba is a quarry of vital forms. Art today must be able to speak to the men and women of today with an awareness of their past.

Cuba is not only the country of the sandunga and rhythm. Cuba is more than that, the message pointed out.

Forgetting our origins would give way to find many stones in the present, and it would be the major drawback when designing our future.


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