Cuban Antiterrorist Fighter Calls for Peace and Love in the World

Cuban anti-terrorist fighter Antonio Guerrero called for the continuation of the struggle for peace and love in order to wipe out hatred from the world.

During a peace and thanks-giving religious ceremony organized by the Cuban Council of Churches for the return of the five antiterrorists, Guerrero thanked the religious community for their support full of faith and hope.

The service was attended by representatives of different religions and congregations, gathered in the Cuban Inter-religious Platform, who worked for family reunification.

Antonio Guerrero returned December 17 to Cuba along Gerardo Herandez and Ramon Labanino. The three of them along Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez, also in Cuba, were given unfair prison sentences in US jails after they infiltrated Florida-based ultrahigh organizations that planned terrorist actions against Cuba.

The president of the Cuban Council of Churches, Joel Ortega thanked religious people from other countries for their efforts to bring the five men home.

“We are living in a world which is threatened by violent practice that endangers nature, culture, peace, justice and the human species. So, we are here to confirm our commitment to build a better future, not for a few of us, but for all of us, said Ortega during the ceremony.

Written by Cuban News Agency, Radio Cubana

February 9, 2015

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