Cuban and Palestinian intellectuals embrace in fair cause

Havana, Feb 21 (Prensa Latina) Palestine’s Secretary General of the Writers Union Murad Sudani provided on Wednesday a lecture on the sisterhood between that nation and Cuba, in addition to explain the fair cause of Gazans.

The University of the Arts (ISA) hosted the dialogue, also chaired by the advisor to the president of the Palestinian National Council, Abdel Nasser H.A. Alaraj, and the Cuban poet Alex Pausides.

In the presence of the Palestinian Ambassador to Cuba Akram Samhan, and the directors and students of the educational institution, Sudani argued that what is happening today in Gaza is the continuation of a long history of assassinations, “it is an open war seen daily on the screens as never before, daily massacres in the face of an absent justice in the world.”

In his opinion, something more than a language is needed, a language to express what is going on in Gaza, “even the fantasy of Palestinian intellectuals will not be able to describe the true reality of what is happening there.”

According to the intellectual, there is a Palestinian resistance that clings to its land and homes. “As for Jerusalem, the closest point between heaven and earth, both churches and mosques are targets of the occupation, there is no distinction, if you are Palestinian, you are a target.”

The leader expressed with determination: it is a national principle that we cannot give up now or in the future, Jerusalem is and will be the capital of Palestine, not of Israel.


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