Cuban Ambassador talks with Sri Lankan delegation travelling to Cuba

Colombo, Apr 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Ambassador Andrés González met here today with the Sri Lankan delegation that will participate in Cuban activities for International Workers’ Day in the island.

According to a publication from the Cuban mission in Colombo, after some years of absence, a representation of the South Asian country will be part of the international delegations to the island for May Day.

G. V. Tilakasiri, deputy general secretary of the Democratic Left Front, heads the Sri Lankan youth group, the diplomatic source said.

The delegation also included the presence of the first secretary Maribel Duarte.

González thanked them for their participation in such an important date in Cuba and wished them a happy stay in the Homeland of Martí, Fidel and Raúl, the embassy noted.

The Cuban diplomat pointed out that the presence of the Sri Lankan delegation in the largest of the Antilles will allow for closer ties between the two countries.

This year, the May 1st. parade on the Caribbean island will take place at the José Martí Anti-imperialist Tribune in Havana.

The usual Solidarity Meeting with foreign friends will also be held in Cuba, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples recently confirmed.


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