Cuba/Left Contingent In September People’s Climate March

Dear National Network On Cuba Friends,

On September 21, 2014 the “People’s Climate March” will take place in New York City.   The organizers of the action are planning for the largest climate march in history; what they call “unprecedented climate mobilization – in size, beauty, and impact. Our demand is a world we know is within our reach: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet.”

The National Network on Cuba, an organization which defends Cuban sovereignty and is aware of Cuba’s achievements in the areas of environment, community, health, and quality of life, enthusiastically endorses these actions.  Cuba has been a leader not only in sustainability issues, but also in making the connections between poverty, exploitation of people and resources, environmental racism, war, and corporate greed.  Cuba is recognized by experts and organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund which found that Cuba was “the only country in the world with sustainable development.”  Cuba has not only rejected the capitalist economic model, it has also embraced environmental sustainability.

We would like to use the opportunities presented by the People’s Climate March to make Cuba’s leadership in this area known and to include the issue of the Cuban 5 in the actions.  The forces in the United States that fail to recognize Cuba’s impressive gains in sustainable development are the same forces that are responsible for the unfair arrests and unjust convictions of the Five Cuban anti-terrorist heroes.

Please join us in a “Cuba Section of a Left Contingent” on September 21.  Help spread the truth about Cuba.  Help share the story about the Five.  If you and your organization would like to be part of the Cuba Section of a Left Contingent, please get in touch with NNOC co-chair, Banbose Shango who will be leading the NNOC delegation.  He can be reached at:

In solidarity and struggle,

NNOC co-chairs
Banbose Shango
Cheryl LaBash
Alicia Jrapko
Franklin Curbelo
Nalda Vigezzi

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