Cubadisco 2017 Awards to Be Granted to Best Records

Havana, May 13 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Music Institute on Saturday will grant the Cubadisco 2017 Awards, the major record event in the country, to recognize those involved in CD production.

About 120 academics are members of the jury of the event that will have its culminating moment today at a ceremony held in Havana’s Astral Theater, where the awards will be granted.

According to the president of the Award Committee, Jorge Gomez, people in Cuba can be proud of the nominated albums, but also of the non-nominated ones, due to the strength and high quality of Cuban music and the limited nomination quotas to grant the awards.

This year’s Cubadisco nominees are Yissi Garcia y Bandancha, with the album ‘Última noticia’ (Last News), in the categories of Jazz, Jazz Emsembles, Opera Prima and Design; and singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes, with the album “Amor’ (Love), along with his daughter, Haydee Milanes, in the category of Song.

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