Cuba: zero tolerance of human trafficking

Cuba: zero tolerance of human traffickingHAVANA, Cuba, Apr 7 (acn) Cuba maintains its policy of “Zero Tolerance” to trafficking in persons and crimes related to sexual, labor or any other exploitation, by promoting measures of prevention, confrontation and severe punishment of perpetrators, as well as providing protection to victims.

This is based on a government system made up by the organs of the Attorney General’s Office and the court system, and the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Education, Higher Education, Labor and Social Security, Public Health and Foreign Relations, among others.
To this we may add the National Center for Sexual Education and the Federation of Cuban Women.
According to the most recent reports presented by Cuba on the legal-penal confrontation on trafficking in persons, and other crimes related to sexual exploitation and abuse, the various legal instruments in force in the country also allow facing associated behaviors such as procurement, prostitution, pornography and child prostitution.

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