Cuba: World Experts to Talk on Hematology

Experts from 24 countries of the planet will come to Cuba to discuss on leukemia, immunology, coagulation problems and others, during the celebration of the 8th Cuban Congress of Hematology (Hematology 2017), to start on May 8 in the Cuban capital.

Besides, for the first time, the American Association of Hematology (ASH) will be present in this event, bringing several papers for discussion.

The 8th Congress will be a platform for Cuba to present its achievements in the field of hematology, the result of the investment by the government in new technologies for the treatment and diagnosis of pathologies, said Doctor Consuelo Macias, vice-president of the Organizing Committee for the event, in a press release.

Dr. Macias added that Cuba counts on 80 percent of success in treatments to cure acute lymphoblastic leukemia and more than 90 percent, to cure other variants of the disease.

The 8th Congress will be centered in malignant hemopathies, coagulation disorders, immunodeficiencies and other topics.

The event will host the 5th International Workshop of Hemophilia and Other Coagulation Disorders and the Workshop for Primary Immunodeficiency.

Parallel to this the 10th Latin American Day for Hematology, Immunology and Transfusional Medicine, will take place.

Hematology 2017 will be in session until May 12 in Havana’s Convention Center, west of Havana, and will have interventions by experts coming from Germany, Angola, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey and Venezuela.

This type of event was started in Cuba in 1973. It was slowly being widened, and now, it is held every 4 years in the Cuban capital.

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