Cuba Works to Diversify Local Goods for Export

Havana, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) With the design of strategies that seek to take advantage of the existing potentialities in each of the Cuba”s provinces, the Government wants to diversify local exportable goods, Director General of Foreign Trade Vivian Herrera said.

Herrera told Prensa Latina that in addition to the already consolidated exports such as rum and cigars, some others are in the process of being included in Cuban offers such as charcoal, coconut fiber.

With the aim of multiplying sales, ‘provincial governments were asked to prepare a sort of portfolio of products for export, and they identified an existing potential for both goods and services.

One of the most eloquent examples of export products in development is coconut fiber.

Coming from Baracoa, a thousand kilometers to the east of this capital, the first container of this product has already left for the international market.

It has many uses among which is the manufacture of padding for mattresses and seats for cars, said Herrera and added that, in addition to becoming an export product, pays dividends that can be used for territorial development.


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