Cuba works hard to produce its own seeds

thumbnail-8190c5777f506400d372a14029f4a37417aa3829[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 15 (acn) Big transnational corporations manipulate markets and condition prices of seeds, therefore Cuba needs to produce and preserve its own domestically. PhD Sergio Rodríguez Morales, member of the Cuban Council of State, made that statement during the International Meeting on Urban, Sub-urban and Family Agriculture underway in Havana.

Producing and preserving our own seeds is vital for the development of Cuban agriculture, he said.

Rodriguez Morales explained that the Ministry of Agriculture is making a selection of the best producers and farms to obtain high quality seeds that allow it to boost food production in Cuba.

He added that they are teaching workshops and training courses for farmers in order to increase efficiency in the process.

During the Meeting, participants will introduce the latest results of international collaboration in this field, and experiences and achievements in several Cuban municipalities.

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