Cuba with High Human Development

Cuba ranks among the countries with the highest level on the human development index that takes into account indicators such as life expectancy, education and per capita income.This is revealed in a report by the UN Human Development to confirm that the island is working towards the wider enjoyment of all rights and fundamental freedoms.

When approaching the International Human Rights Day, it is valid to recognize that despite the blockade and terrorist attacks, Cuba is among the few countries that has virtually completed the Millennium Human Development Goals.

These include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empower of women and reducing children mortality under five. The country guarantees a long and healthy life and a decent standard of living.

Cuba is among the 50 countries with the highest proportion of people under 60 years or more as a result of the policy of social development and human rights enjoyed by its citizens, with a life expectancy of over 77 years average life. These are achievements often silenced by the enemy of the Cuban Revolution through campaigns of distortions.

Such statistics have much to do with the universal and free access to public health, whose staff helped to achieve in 2013 infant mortality rate the figure of 4.2 per thousand live births that put Cuba among the world’s top nations with the lowest indicator.

Also, the vaccination program guarantees one of the most extensive coverage of immunization in the orb that prevents 13 diseases.

The Cuban archipelago is considered high human development, it ranks 51 among 187 countries, according to the UN’s 2011 Human Development Report.
(With information from CubaDebate)

Tranalation: Liubis Balart Martínez

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