Cuba winds up colloquium on Native Cultures of the Americas

Havana, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) The 5th edition of the International Colloquium of Studies on Native Cultures in the Americas winds up in Havana on Friday with a panel dedicated to the cosmovisions, practices, and rights of the region’s indigenous communities.

From the Manuel Galich Hall at the Casa de las Americas in Havana, mexican specialist Miguel Hernandez will address the ontological origin of native peoples in Latin America and the complex scenarios of challenges these communities face.

The theoretical event continues this Friday with a paper on the indigenous resistance in defense of their environmental rights and the rescue of their history, and the closing ceremony of the event is in charge of Jaime Gómez, director of the Program of Studies on Native Cultures of the Americas at this institution.

This space for reflection and debate facilitated the exchange of memories and learning about native languages, the main effort for the vindication of Latin American culture and its articulation through communication strategies, resistance experiences, activism, and leadership.

Master lectures, panels, poetry readings, book launching, and documentary screenings were some of the activities that completed the program of the meeting started on October 11, which paid tribute to Brazilian politician, educator, writer, researcher, sociologist, and anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro on his 100th birth anniversary.

Delegates from Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, the United States, and Cuba participated in this event as part of the actions for the International Decade of Indigenous Languages declared by the United Nations.


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