Cuba will Send 165 Health Professionals to Fight Ebola in Africa

Cuba will join a global effort coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to fight Ebola in Western Africa by sending 165 health professionals, the island’s Health Minister Roberto Morales announced in Geneva.

The medical brigade is made up of 62 doctors and 103 nurses with over 15 years of experience, said Morales during a press conference given by WHO director general Margaret Chan.

All these professionals have worked in other nations in the fight of natural and epidemiological disasters, and in medical collaboration missions, Morales said and noted that their selection was based on their voluntary decision to jointly work with other doctors from any country that joins the efforts.

This way, the Cuban government has responded to the call for assistance made by the WHO
and by UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon as part of a world effort to fight the epidemic.

Cuba began assisting other nations just after the revolutionary victory of 1959 and since that
point in time 325 thousand 710 health workers have offered assistance in 58 countries of the world. In the case of Africa, said Morales, a total of 76 thousand 744 Cuban health workers have offered their services thus far in 39 nations.

The Cuban Health minister called on the governments and health ministers of all nations
that can join the global effort against Ebola at times when Africa is badly needing international solidarity and support.

By Juan Leandro, Radio Havana Cuba

September 13, 2014

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