Cuba Will Intensify the Fight Against US Economic Blockade

Havana, Jan 6.- Cuba will continue defending noble causes in the world and together with solidarity movements step up the fight against the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States for more than a half century.

The president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Kenia Serrano, said in a press conference that it will be a priority to fight all possible ways the obstinate policy of Washington, which cause millionaire loss to the economy of the country.

Cuba will continue, added Serrano, defending the noble causes such as the Palestinian people, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and will demand the release of the Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez.

It is necessary to break the wall of silence and tell the story of the Revolution, said Serrano.

Today the solidarity movement with Cuba in the United States is -like us- in a new phase of work, which includes demanding the return to Cuba of the territory of Guantanamo, where is nestled a military base.

In addition to removing the Caribbean island from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, among others.

Also, Cuba’s solidarity towards the world will be strengthened, and especially to continue supporting the processes of unity and regional integration. (Prensa Latina).

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