Cuba welcomes prestigious rehabilitation specialists

Havana, Oct 2 (Prensa Latina) Domestic and international rehabilitation specialists will speak about the use of robotics by disabled people during the 9th Congress of the Cuban Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Scheduled to be held through October 4, this Congress has as its theme, ‘A New Step: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.’ Cuba will present its results at different levels of medical care in this field and promote regional collaboration.

The 9th Congress, held at the Havana International Conference Center, was officially opened with a keynote address on the Future of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, by Dr. Walter Frontera Roura, president of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

This was followed by Dr. Gil Reyes Llerena, president of the Cuban Society of Rheumatology, who spoke about Osteoporosis, a major global health problem, and emerging risk groups.

A total of 15 topics closely related to community treatment, prevention and health promotion will be discussed, including the prevention of complications in bedridden patients and with health conditions affecting their mobility, functionality and social integration.

Regarding the use of robotics in rehabilitation, a lecture is planned on the treatment of patients who have suffered cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) using the Lokomat: robot-assisted walking therapy, by Dr. Amada Diago Guzmán, of the Manuel Fajardo Hospital.


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