Cuba wants end to US hostility

Caricom renews call for end to Cuba embargo

ROSEAU, Dominica (CMC) — Cuba on Friday called on the United States to end its covert activities aimed at undermining the sovereignty of the Communist state. Cuban Ambassador to Dominica Eleana Ramos told a news conference that Washington was financing projects with the “objective of negatively influencing Cuban youth”.

“This project, which the United States government shamelessly admits having designed and executed, attempted to convert into political actors young Cubans who had been previously identified by Latin American emissaries recruited for this purpose, and to organise them to take action against the Cuba government,” Ambassador Ramos said.

She quoted an August 4 article from the Associated Press, which documents another of these projects financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Cuban diplomat said that this new initiative by Washington is an attempt to “manipulate the concerns and aspirations of young Cubans” and to prevent them from remaining committed to the Cuban government.

She said that the USAID project, revealed by the Associated Press, “shows that the Obama administration has not given up any of its subversive plans against Cuba”, insisting that the aim of Washington is to “create situations of destabilisation” in Cuba to bring about changes in its economic, political and social order, chosen by the majority of Cubans.

“Cuba strongly protests against the subversive and illegal actions and programmes that the United States government continues to design, fund and promote against Cuba, in violation of our laws and international law.”

Cuba said it was also demanding an end of all “subversive, illegal and undercover actions of the United States” that threaten the stability and constitutional order of the island “in violation of our sovereignty and the express will of the Cuban people to perfect our economic and social model”.

Jamaica Observer

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