Cuba Urges to Extend Sanitary Measures to Avoid Epidemics

Havana, Sep 12 (Prensa Latina) After Hurricane Irma, which affected almost all the Cuban territory, the national authorities made a call here today to take hygiene and sanitary measures to avoid the outbreak of epidemics.

In the middle of the recuperative phase, preventive tasks require the greatest attention, experts from the Ministry of Public Health told the press, who make an assessment of the epidemiological situation, through almost all of the north of the country, after the hurricane that hit the island since this Friday.

Yanaris López, director of Environmental Health of that portfolio, said that so far there is no report of the outbreak of diseases transmitted by food in poor condition or contaminated water.

This is the result, she said, of the implementation of the hurricane response plan and its hygienic-sanitary measures, as well as epidemiological surveillance.

The specialist also recommended the use of sodium hypochlorite, available throughout the national pharmacy network, to ensure the quality of water.

She also explained that the monitoring and control of the quality of this vital liquid are carried out in the evacuation centers still in operation and the areas affected by floods. It is necessary to carry out the measures, she insisted.

She urged the population to remain united in the work of sanitation. Only in this way we can prevent the outbreak of diseases, she said.

Jorge Pordieguez, the director of investments, said that the biggest damages in the facilities are centered on roofing, glass, and carpentry of tall buildings. In spite of the affectations, the vitality of the health services is maintained, he emphasized.

In the case of the capital, the major affectations were in the mother and child America-aria, in the neighborhood of Vedado, as well as the polyclinic Marcio Manduley and the surgical hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras, the latter with high technology equipment, which was protected to avoid deterioration.


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