Cuba to Start New Center for Coffee Patrimony

Santiago de Cuba, Aug 21 (Prensa Latina) A center for the promotion, interpretation and investigation on the coffee partimony in Cuba will be started in the next days in this Cuban eastern city, according to sources by an international project, called Los Caminos del Cafe (Coffee Ways).

In the ancient home of Cuban ranch owner Carlos Dranguet, this institution is being founded and constructed.

Multiple choices to know about coffee and its mark in the history and culture of the southeastern region of the island, will be offered.

Graphic documents and other objects revealing on the history of coffee, mainly promoted by French-origin families who planted the seeds and developed the cultivations, will also be offered.

There will be different ways of preparation of the beverage for tourists and visitors to have the chance to drink it.

After a complex process of rehabilitation specialists and workers of the Office of the Curator of the City (OCC), this old house with a colonial style and eclectic will receive domestic and foreign visitors, interested in uncovering those edges of the past.

Located between this eastern province and Guantanamo, there are 171 former agricultural coffee empires declared a World Heritage Site and the OCC for an integrated management plan and management of the landscape that is organized in circuits.

The first, corresponding to the Gran Piedra, covers the coffee cultivations of La Idalia, Isabelica, La Gran Sofía, Las Mercedes and La Siberia, while the second, the Fraternity, includes the place with the same name, San Felipe, San Juan de Escocia , San Luis de Jacas and Santa Paulina.

With the cooperation of the Franco-Belgian Malongo Foundation and the European Union, Los Caminos del Café advance in the preservation of these material and spiritual treasures which also include the Tumba Francesa La Caridad World Heritage East.


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