Cuba to Repel All US Subversion Plans

Havana, May 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuba will repel all US subversive plans, including those using communication technologies, noted Granma newspaper. Havana, May 24 ( Prensa Latina) Cuba will repel all subversive plans of the United States , including those using communication technologies , says Granma newspaper .

The official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba stated in an article that Washington justifies its programs against the island under the pretext of providing ‘ free flow of information to the Cuban people. ”

In this respect recalled that the policy of economic, commercial and financial embargo prohibits exports of technology and telecommunications equipment to Havana.

The same thing stipulates the laws Torricelli of 1992 and Helms -Burton of 1996, on any investment by US entities in the Cuban national telecommunications services, added the text.

It added that the embargo also bans the acquisition of licenses of software product and denied access to institutions and Cuban citizens to Internet sites and services, including those of information and technical tools like PC Tools and Netbeans; and other applications.

Well-known worldwide entities such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Adobe, Google and Sourceforge implement in Internet the U.S. government prohibitions against Cuba, noted the article signed by Oscar Sanchez, deputy director of Granma.

In the case of Google, Cubans can not access tools like Google Analytic, Google Earth, Google Desktop Search and Google Toolbar.

Such restrictions are extensive to the use of free software and its most popular browser Sourceforge by Cuba, which violates the premise of the Open Source Initiative, an organization dedicated to the promotion of free software.

Granma recalled that Cuba can not connect to the tens of submarine optical fibber cables around the island, which forces them to seek more costly alternatives to increase Internet connectivity.

Paradoxically, the U.S. government has announced its plans to take a submarine cable to the territory illegally occupied by the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, in clear violation of the sovereignty of Cuba, the article states.

Later stated that while Washington promotes secret programs like Zunzuneo, Piramideo and finances a digital diary with subversive purposes, at the same time imposes sanctions on U.S. telecommunication and foreign companies for serving Cuba.

It concludes that the U.S. government is the only one in the world that forbids its citizens to visit Cuba freely, thereby preventing contacts, exchanges, communication and the free flow of information between the two peoples.

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