Cuba to present new clinical evidences on the usage of natural medicine

Written by Radio Santa Cruz |

The huge impact of Policosanol —commonly known as PPG— on Cuban population will be discussed today within a national workshop to be held in Havana.

Doctor in Sciences Rafael Gamez, General Director of corporate group BioCubaFarma, revealed to the press that specialists from all around the country will present their experiences on this natural product used in some diseases such as the cerebrovascular ones.

Doctor Javier Sanchez, who works at the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (INN), will show his results regarding the use of the medicine that helps preventing and recovering from strokes generated by ischemic issues.

Ischemic strokes are very common in diabetic patients and smokers. Such disease represents more than 80% of strokes in the country, confirmed Dr. Gamez.

General Director of Dalmer Labs noted that even when several people use Policosanol —produced from the sugarcane wax— as cholesterol reducer, other clinical evidences underpin its usage and make feasible a greater use.

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