Cuba to move UN for lifting of US embargo

The Cuban government will submit a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) Oct 28 to end an economic, financial and trade embargo the US has imposed on it.

The embargo is one of the most unfair and cruel unilateral sanctions, the Cuban embassy said in a statement.

The statement called on the US to end the blockade which, the statement said, did not only violate the humanitarian rights of the Cuban people but also the rights of all nations to develop relations with Cuba.

The embargo has inflicted losses of more than trillions of US dollars on Cuba, it added.

The UNGA has voted in favour of lifting the embargo 22 consecutive times, but the policy remains and constitutes what Cuban diplomats have called “genocide”, Telesur reported

Cuba expects the UN to vote in favour of the draft resolution on lifting of the US embargo.

In the last vote, only the US and Israel voted against the bill which calls for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba which the US imposed in 1960.

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