Cuba to Host World Health Forum in April

Havana, Nov 17.- Cuba will host an international health forum next April to address the transformations of public health systems and their impact on the world population.

During the conference, the island will present its primary health care strategy, which is universal and free of charge for all citizens. The initiative has helped lower the Cuban infant mortality rate below five in every one thousand live births over the past few years, which is considered the lowest rate in The Americas.

Doctor Ileana Morales, executive secretary of the conference, said that the event will also address quality of live, health promotion in society, as well as the promotion of economic, social and environmental policies and their implications for human health.

The conference, which will be sponsored by international entities such as the World and Pan-American Health Organizations, will be attended by over 400 Cuban delegates and 500 guests from other nations. (RHC).

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