Cuba to Host International Workshop against Weeds in November

Havana, Aug 8.- Azcuba sugar group will hold next November a scientific and productive program of activities which includes several international workshops on the control of weeds and plagues attacking sugar cane, according to its organizers.This event will take place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National Research Institute of Sugarcane (INICA), based in the capital and organizer of this event.

Topics include genetic improvement and varieties, biotechnology, biological control, insects, plagues, diseases and weeds, agronomic management (soil, irrigation, drainage and mechanization and nutrition) besides agricultural extension.

It also includes scientific and technical services for the producer and human capital formation.

Specialists from INICA told Prensa Latina that this center was founded on November 11, 1964, in order to form men and women of science to obtain the best sugarcane varieties resistant to plagues and diseases and adapted to the soil conditions and climate.

INICA mission is to carry out programs of science and execute research and technological innovation projects, highly competitive to obtain and commercialize varieties, seeds, scientific and technical services and associated technologies that contribute to sustainable development of the sugar industry.

It has a network of 14 research stations covering the entire island, including a quarantine of crops, hybridization center and groups ofextension and agricultural service in five provinces in the west, center and east of the country.(Prensa Latina).

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