Cuba to Host Forum on Experience against HIV/AIDS

Havana, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) The Workshop ‘Challenges in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Cuban Experience’, will be held here from November 25 to 27, organizers announced here.

The forum will focus on specialized care and discussion of clinical cases, and will be held at the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) in Havana.

According to organizers, the course seeks to continue strengthening the treatment and monitoring capabilities of the illness.

Participants will be updated on antiretroviral therapy and neurological, respiratory, digestive and renal disorders, as well as major and minor opportunistic infections caused by the disease, Radio Reloj station reported.

In Cuba, 29 years after the epidemic’s first reported case (1986-2019), transmission by blood and its derivatives and mother and child, are under control as a health problem.

Sexual contact is the main form of transmission of over 99 percent of diagnosed cases.

The island began in April the free delivery of pre-exposure prophylactic pills (PrEP) to prevent contagion of HIV in healthy people.


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