Cuba to help Pacific on disasters

Cuba leads in teaching Small Island Nations to protect their people

Cuba’s National Forecast Centre says it will share with the Pacific region how it has reduced the crippling impacts of severe weather events.

Its director, Jose Rubiera, will go to next month’s Small Islands Developing States conference in Samoa, being part of the ‘Small Islands, Weather Together Campaign’.

Dr Rubiera says Cuba has dramatically changed the way it responds to cyclones since Hurricance Flora killed more than 1,200 people in 1963.

He says Cuba now takes a lead role in teaching small islands how to deal with extreme weather events.

“Small islands need to improve their systems, meteorological systems, weather stations, satellites, radars, and they have to use these tools in the forecast and exchange of information. Also meteorologists should get involved in the media, explaining the weather.”

Dr Jose Rubiera says he hopes to convince Pacific leaders that investing money in meteorological equipment will pay off in the long-term.

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