Cuba Thanks Solidarity with Cuban Five in New York

United Nations, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuban UN Ambassador Rodolfo Reyes thanked in an event of solidarity held in New York the support with the five counterterrorism fighters of the island doomed in the United States, three of them still in prison. Speaking at the forum held until late Saturday night at the College of Criminal Justice John Jay, assigned to the City University of New York, the diplomat called for strengthening the campaign for Cubans arrested in 1998 for his monitoring violent groups from southern Florida attacking the Caribbean country.

Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labañino remain locked up in US jails, while Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez returned to the Greater Antilles after serving their sentences.

The island’s permanent representative to the United Nations described in the meeting organized by Cuba solidarity groups in the Big Apple the work of The Five, as they are known worldwide-and their importance to save lives.

In that sense, Reyes recalled the dozens of planned terrorist activities, funded and executed from US territory against Cuba, which have caused nearly three thousand 500 dead and more than two thousand disabled.

For his part, lawyer Martin Garbus, a member of the defense of Gerardo Hernandez, summarized the process irregularities faced by counterterrorism, explaining the adjective unfair, partial and arbitrary attributed to it by a growing number of organizations and individuals on the planet.

The refusal of the US government to reveal satellite images reveal clues in the case and the payment of millions of dollars of federal money to journalists, with the aim of creating a hostile environment in the trial of the Cuban Five, were among the issues cited by the prestigious American jurist.

In the event hosted by the College of Criminal Justice John Jay in Manhattan, also participated activists, representatives of solidarity with the island in New York, students from the school and Cuban diplomats.


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