Cuba: Terrorism Again Comes North

Ángel Guerra Cabrera  |  Cuba Inside the World  |  May 8, 2014

United States reported April 30, that ritual repeated more than three decades, the inclusion of Cuba in its annual list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Lo and behold, at almost the same time that Washington made ​​the ridiculous accusation that nobody swallows, security forces captured one of the island group of four people of Cuban origin from U.S. territory to admitted to be dedicated to the planning of terrorist acts in Cuba.

Detainees were proposed attack military facilities in order to promote violence. Three of them acknowledged having made trips to Cuba from mid-2013 to study the targets and plan their actions. They added that these plans will have been organized under the direction of Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriñá, Osvaldo Manuel Alzugaray Mitat and who maintain close operational and political ties with Luis Posada Carriles , also known as the Bin Laden of the Western Hemisphere.

Posada, in addition to the feat of making flying a Cuban airliner in flight with 73 people on board is an operating veteran CIA numerous operations against Cuba under his belt, as the attempt to blow up the auditorium of the University of Panama full students and teachers to assassinate then president of Cuba Fidel Castro while they spoke to, or campaign of bombings in Havana prior to the visit of Pope John Paul II Varadero where he was struck by shrapnel Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo. In this persecution, torture and murder of Venezuelan revolutionaries under the guise of Commissioner Basilio Venezuelan political police added. Likewise, his flight organized by the CIA from a Venezuelan prison under the direct supervision of Otto Reich, then Yankee ambassador in Caracas, to place it in its central intelligence who engaged in Honduras logistical support to the counter- Nicaragua, known as the Iran-Contra case. As was to be remembered in drug trafficking arms in the same CIA flights controlled by Posada and his cronies.

The path Magriñat Alvarez, Mitat and Alzugaray is common in their feverish dedication over decades to terrorist activities against Cuba. For the first two participants in the assassination attempt against Fidel in Panama and curious authors Posada illegal entry to the U.S. authorities in 2005 they occupied the largest cache of illegal weapons of war that is received in Florida, owned Alvarez. But that did not stop those who qualify as “freedom fighters” by prosecutors were released within three years; for although the events occurred after September 11 the prosecution did not impose them by terrorism. Alvarez is also known that in raids directed against Cuba have killed two civilians and seriously injured was a child.

In contrast to the impunity with which these groups operate from U.S. territory against Cuba for decades, the freedom they enjoy and even tributes are taxed in the U.S., three Cuban agents who were dedicated to monitor them continue serving long sentences in U.S. after being subjected to a spurious rated up to a court of appeals process Yankee:Gerardo González , Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero .

The inclusion of Cuba among the countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism just trying to justify the blockade and led to the great role of the State Department spokeswoman could not take a single argument to sustain reporters.

More and more voices in the U.S. call for the start of a normalization of relations with its powerful neighbor Cuba: business people, academics, religious; by releasing the three counterterrorism and USAID contractor Alan Gross , imprisoned in Cuba plans to participate in “regime change” and not bring internet to a Jewish community that has refused to meet him. Never public opinion in the United States, including Cubans fromMiami , had been more favorable to the normalization of relations with the island and the right of Americans to visit. A recent survey is conclusive in this regard is conclusive Will once again the extreme right in the United States intends to blow up the possibility of eventual distension?

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