Cuba Stands Out for Achievement of Population and Development Goals, Says UNPF

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 17 (acn) Marcela Suanzo, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), asserted on Tuesday that over half a century ago Cuba began to meet the agreements adopted at the International Population and Development Conference.

While summing up at Havana’s Hotel Nacional the presentation of the report of the Caribbean nation on the execution of the program approved 20 years ago in Cairo, the official said that its achievements in education, health, social security and employment, show that the State has centered efforts in the attention of human beings.

In the presence of representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Havana and of national organizations and institutions, Suanzo pointed out, as new phenomena in the region, the high rates of pregnancy and of early sex life of adolescents, and the aging, four times faster, of its inhabitants with respect to those of Europe, motivated by the many social and health problems affecting Latin America and the Caribbean.

In her words, the speaker praised Cuba’s solidarity in the support of the struggle against the Ebola fever virus epidemic in Africa, and particularly thanked the island for the voluntary support of its 165 health professionals ready to assume the task, as well as for the support of their relatives.

A panel of Cuban experts explained the goals achieved by the Caribbean country in correspondence with the agreements of the Cairo Conference, and of one of its regional meetings held in 2013 in Uruguay, where the document called Montevideo Consensus was approved.

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