Cuba: Sports Will Always Be a Right of the People

dfb8cfd1ec6c52df3849a64b6c24c576_XL[1]The director of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), Antonio Becali, said that the Cuban sports entity will maintain its main essence of sport as a right of the people. Becali said that the November 19, 1961, in the first volunteer sports great meeting, then Prime Minister Fidel Castro, said that the activity of the muscle would be a right of the people and not a minority.

“That’s the fundamental essence and priority of our organization in the present and in the future, keep those concepts expressed by Fidel, “said the head of the Inder during a meeting with journalists.

“We will continue to work on the improvement, science and technology, not only for high performance sport but physical culture in general, “said Becali.

He commented that in those provinces of the island municipalities in the mountains, and where physical culture has come show a high quality of life of the inhabitants of those places.

Becali explained those considerations after finishing the national event for the Day of Physical Culture and Sport, held Thursday at the Victoria de Giron Stadium in this city, located 100 kilometers east of Havana.

Local sports stars attended the day in which they were activists, organizations and people’s councils in the field featured tributes.

The ceremony included gymnastic compositions of teaching preschool, elementary and special; community activity for older adults, and performance of secondary education project Jumping with joy.

They also presented a table with martial arts recreation and sport canine, among others, and a mosaic of different sports combos neighborhood of this town and the School Sports Initiation School.

Closing the event, the troupe The Elegant Guajiros , from the Matanzas neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, danced to participants and attendees of all ages.

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