Cuba Showed Solidarity to the World, Intellectuals Say in France

Paris, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s experience in building a socialist revolution is teaching the world lessons such as the meaning and importance of solidarity, according to reports today during a meeting at the L”Humanite festival in France.

‘If anyone wants to learn from Cuba, that person should start from solidarity, which is essential in our people,’ Cuban Ambassador to Paris Hector Igarza told the audience attending the debate about the issue: ‘What should we learn from Cuba’s experience’?, organized by the Cuba Linda association.

The diplomat stated that he has met many people in this European nation who love Cuba regardless of their ideology, because they recognize, above all, its hospitality, solidarity and the love for the human being.

According to Igarza, another important lesson for the world is the need to protect the environment, as the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, warned in 1992, when no one was yet talking about climate change.

The French intellectual Remy Herrera pointed out that one of the main lessons bequeathed by Cuba is that ‘it is possible to resist, not to submit and remain on its feet even if alone’.

According to the researcher, thanks to Cuba, the world has also seen that preserving Marxism as an ideology is possible and might become a fundamental weapon in the hands of the workers.

For his part, the official of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, German Ferras, recalled Cuba’s work to support many countries in the world.


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