Cuba sets up popular referendum on new Family Code

Havana, Aug 25 (Prensa Latina) Over 21,000 polling stations will be opened on coming September 25 to hold the popular referendum on the new Family Code, said officials of the National Electoral Council (CEN).

According to the CEN Vice-President Tomás Amarán, conditions have been created so that voters who are away from their province of residence for personal or work reasons may be able to vote in special polling stations for such a purpose.

Amarán explained to National Television that documentation is ready, while the printing of around 10 million ballots is being conducted, and the personnel for the security and the polling stations is being chosen.

The updating of the voters list will conclude on August 30, so it will be exposed in crowded spots so that voters may check their data and thus ensure the validity of their vote, he pointed out.

12,513 districts and over 200,000 citizens, including electoral authorities and back-up staff, will participate in the organization and operation of the referendum. According to experts, this 25th version of the legislative norm, passed in July by Parliament, is the result of modification of 49.15% of the entire content of the previous project.


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