Cuba seeks to boost its economy in a hostile context 

Madrid, Feb 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Prime Minister Manuel Marrero stressed that his country seeks to boost its economy amid a hostile context due to the U.S. blockade.

We are facing a war on all fronts, we face all the challenges as a war economy, but we do not rest finding alternatives, diversifying our markets, with the conviction to move forward, Marrero said.

In a meeting with the Cuban State Mission in Spain, in transit to Havana, after participating in the World Summit in the United Arab Emirates, the president shared the priorities to move onward with the socialist project defended by the island.

He pointed out that, within the tightening of Washington’s blockade, which is worsening with the impact of global crises and conflicts, if only one of the measures were removed, the one that unjustly places Cuba on the list of countries that collaborate with terrorism, doors would be opened to bank credits.

Accompanied by the Cuban ambassador to Spain, Marcelino Medida, the head of the Government of the Caribbean island stressed that strategies are being worked on to correct distortions, boost the economy, and maintain its social project, with a plan that includes seven major objectives.

Macroeconomic stabilization, from price updating and decentralization to exchange rate control; increase and diversification of foreign exchange income, with the stimulation of exports; increase of national production, towards food sovereignty; improvement of the entrepreneurial system and territorial development, are some of the initiatives underway.


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