Cuba: Second Round of Municipal Elections Going on Today

Havana, Dec 3 (Prensa Latina) The second round of the municipal elections for the delegates to the municipal assembles of the Popular Power in Cuba is going on Sunday in 1,103 circumscriptions of the 12,515 existing in the island.

The Cuban electoral law stipulates that the 2nd round occurs in those voting areas in which none of the candidates obtained more than 50 percent of the valid votes.

When the 2nd round concludes in those areas, the 12,515 elected elegates will be members of the 168 Municipal Assemblies for two years and a half.

On November 26 the first round of the municipal elections took place, with a participation of 7 million 608,404 people of 8 million people convoked.

The National Election Commission (CEN) said 35.47 percent of the elected delegates are women, and 14.36 percent are young people.

For those elections 24,365 electoral colleges were activated throughout the country in which more than 200,000 electoral authorities worked.

The general elections in Cuba are called every five years and consist of a process divided into two stages.

The electoral law stipulates that in the second stage of the process, on a date yet to be specified, deputies are elected to the National Assembly of People’s Power.

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