Cuba says use of lies characterizes Trump’s management

United Nations, Sep 24 (Prensa Latina) The use of lies characterizes the management of the US President Donald Trump, the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez live-tweeted.

‘Inadmissible accusations President Trump vs # Cuba and Venezuela. The use of lies characterizes his management. Monroist and macartist. He speaks like an emperor. 158 congressmen ask for his impeachment. He tries to distract the world and Americans. Boring, he does not compete with Greta Thungber #UNGA,’ Bruno Rodríguez wrote when assessing Trump´s speech at the UN.

Donald Trump, second speaker in the general debate, lashed out again at nations he strongly considers as a threat to US interests and promoted his ‘United States first’ agenda.

Likewise, he displayed his hostility against nations that do not fall within Washington’s ‘democracy’ model or accept the pressures of his Government, such as Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Trump again showed his interference in the internal affairs of Latin American countries by saying that he hopes to see the day when ‘democracy is restored’ in Venezuela, and also attacked Cuba and Nicaragua, and socialism.

It is possible to recall his words at the 73rd General Assembly when he said: ‘I respect the right of each nation in this room to follow their own customs, beliefs and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live, work or worship. We only ask you to honor our sovereignty in return. ‘


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