Cuba Ron Corporation Works to Double Exports

Havana, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba Ron Corporation aims to double the export levels of these beverages until 2030, said its president, Juan Gonzalez, at a press conference.

In statements prior to the celebration of the 2nd Rum Festival to be held on May 23 and 24 at Pabexpo exhibition center in Havana, Gonzalez estimated that the corporation will make a quantum leap in quality and quantity in its productions that should be decisive in the next years.

Currently, Cuba Ron exports 3.2 million boxes of rum, in 9-liter containers, and in correspondence with international standards, said the official in response to Prensa Latina.

Havana Club, the leading Cuban brand, represents 90 percent of the total amount of sales abroad, Gonzalez said adding that, until 2030, it is planned to manufacture six million and a half Havana Club brand boxes, four million and a half of which should be destined to foreign market.

The official also said that the rest of the brands marketed by the corporation (Santiago de Cuba, Cubay, Perla del Norte, Isla del Tesoro and Siglo y 1/2) need to grow in terms of market share, and its presence in foreign destinations must reach 2 million boxes until 2030.

Despite the impossibility of accessing the US market (consumer of 40 percent of these products worldwide) due to the trade blockade against Cuba, the entity expects to have the boost of direct foreign investment, consequently, negotiations with important international groups have already started, said the director.

In order to promote external financing for the growth of the sector, the corporation organizes the 2nd Rum Festival in Cuba with the participation of industry professionals, producers and national and international distributors.

The event, with biennial character, will include visits to productive facilities, master class, pairings, tastings, cocktails in classic and flair style, show cookingo with rums, meetings with Cuban Rum Masters and international experts.

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