Cuba Reiterates Support for Venezuela

Havana, Feb 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban First Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Antonio Carricarte, reiterated Fridays Cuba’s support for Venezuela and its leader, Nicolas Maduro, in the midst of actions to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela is current a geopolitical epicenter and victim of an economic war imposed by imperialism, but it is not alone because we accompany it in its battle for sovereignty and independence, he said at the port of Havana, shortly after the arrival of a ship from Venezuela with donations for victims of the tornado that hit Havana on January 27.

According to Carricarte, the gesture of incalculable work for recovery tasks deserves recognition, at a time when the Venezuelan people and government are facing an economic and financial war.

That is why we are grateful for the solidarity, on behalf of the victims, the people and the authorities of Cuba, he stressed.

The Deputy Minister described as altruistic and an example of brotherhood the cargo that arrived on board a Venezuelan Navy motor ship, which includes water tanks, doors, windows, pipes, roof sheets, cable rolls, weight-lifting vehicles, and other materials.

For his part, Corvette captain Vladimir Maldonado, commander of the vessel, told Prensa Latina that the donation is a sign of commitment to the legacy of commanders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

They taught us to support each other in good and bad times, he said.

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