Cuba reiterates support for the one-China principle

Havana, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez today expressed his rejection of any action that harms the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the People’s Republic of China and condemned interference in its internal affairs.

On his Twitter account, the Foreign Minister also expressed “concern about the increase in tensions and aggravation of the situation around Taiwan.”

In another tweet, he denounced that “new provocations, disguised as official contacts or high-level visits, deliberately generate additional dangers to regional and international peace and security,” referring to the visit of Nancy Pelosi, president of the United States House of Representatives to Taiwan.

In this way, Rodríguez referred to a statement issued this Tuesday by the Foreign Ministry, which indicates that these tensions are “a direct result of the aggressive policy and the high military presence of the United States and its allies in the Taiwan Strait.”

Added to this, adds the note, “military contacts and systematic arms sales, actions that undermine regional and international peace and security” and points out that “new provocations, disguised as official contacts or high-level visits, generate, deliberately, additional dangers.”

Cuba reaffirms the unrestricted adherence to the principle of “one China” and the recognition of Taiwan as an inalienable part of the territory of that country, the note points out.

It recalls that the UN General Assembly, in its resolution 2758, adopted on October 25, 1971, recognized as the true and only legitimate representative of the Chinese people the Government of the People’s Republic of China, which has relations with 181 countries, on the basis of the recognition of the “one China” principle.

The declaration underlines that “the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and International Law must be strictly respected without selectivity or double standards.”

It also points out that “the key role of China as a factor of stability and international balance cannot be ignored, nor the importance of its cooperation, without political conditions, with developing countries.”


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